HITEC SoundWizard II
 Personal Listening System

Totally re-designed and re-engineered.

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The Complete Communication System
Personal Sound Amplifier, Infra-red Receiver, Phone Amplifier and Speech Amplifier
  • Five-Year Warranty

The SoundWizard II Communication System reunites
you with your world. The powerful amplifier and tone control
allows you to hear clearly in every situation. Whether
you are playing cards with friends, having an evening out
for dinner or sitting comfortably at home watching TV, the
SoundWizard II is everything you need to stay connected. The
sleek, attractive design provides a stylish alternative to traditional
amplifiers. The five-year warranty provides peace of
mind and the optional Infrared and Phone Modules provide
flexibility and absolute value to this remarkable device. The
SoundWizard II is compatible with headsets, earbuds, neckloops,
silhouettes and external speakers – This is a system that works for

With the push of a button switch from a directional to omni-directional
mic - total flexibility – total freedom. The directional mic provides an
unmatched ability to focus on the sounds the user wants to hear while the
omni-directional mic provides crisp and clear all-around amplification. Use the
directional mic in a one-on-one conversation or in noisy situations to focus in on the
speaker. Use the omni-directional mic in a meeting, classroom or general listening
situation. The neck lanyard provides a comfortable and stylish way to wear the SoundWizard.

Plug the Infrared Module into your basic unit and now you have a high-powered infrared receiver you can take
with you to the movies or theatre. Purchase the optional Infrared Transmitter, relax in the comfort of your own
home and enjoy your favorite TV program. The IR Module operates at 95 KHz- the standard for almost all theatres,
public facilities and many small area infrared systems in the U.S.

Connect the Phone Module to your existing telephone and you now have a powerful telephone amplification
system. Simply unplug the base unit and leave the Phone Module intact when you need to use your SoundWizard II
for personal listening or IR functionality. It will not affect the operation of your telephone when it’s not in use. Plug
the optional External Speakers into a headset jack while connected to your Phone Module and you’re hearing the
caller through the binaural speakers with all of the benefits of the SoundWizard’s tone and amplification controls.

Plug the optional External Speakers into the headset jack and you now have a high-powered speech
amplifier. This is a wonderful option for people with weak speech.

We feel so strongly that this product will preform better than another, that we back this product up with a 5-year warrenty!


With the SoundWizard Complete Communication System you get
the function of a personal listening system, an infrared  TV receiver
and an amplified telephone and a speech amplifier in one
simple, attractive device.

These four devices separately could cost you over $700! For only
$259.99 (including speakers) you get it all! Now that’s value.

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