Thera-Band Exercise Ball, 65cm,

                 Thera-Band® Exercise Balls are inflatable balls used to strengthen
                 muscles to improve posture and help prevent back pain. They are
                 weight-tested to support 1,000 lbs. Five sizes are provided to allow
                 for user height variations.  
                       COLOR;   Green

                                      PRICE $ 21.99

Hot/Cold Therapy Products, Cold Insulated

                 Instant cold with a simple squeeze of the compress. Insulation
                 on one side of the compress allows one to hold pack comfortably
                 in place and direct cold to the area intended. Insulation also
                 eliminates condensation, so packs can be taped in place,
                 leaving one's hands free to do other things.

                Compresses provide soothing cold for 30 minutes plus.

                6" x 10". 24 per case.
                                 PRICE $ 26.99
Utensil Holder

Manufactured from beige cotton webbing. Features beige Velcro® loop and hook with a D-ring for easy closure. Fits MCP width 3-1/4" - 4-1/2" {8.25 to 10.8 cm}. Utensil not included. 

                                                                           PRICE  $ 7.95

Plastic Utensil Holder

This holder is made of washable vinyl material. Pocket is notched to let the utensil enter easily. Velcro® closure. Fits MCP width 3-1/4" - 4-1/4" {8.25 to 10.8 cm}. Utensil not included. 

                                                                            PRICE $ 10.50

Push/Pull Helper

For those with arthritis, limitations in finger function or sensory deficits. Lightweight, flat wooden stick with triangular notches is ideal for pulling or pushing oven racks or hot dishes. Twelve-inch {30.5 cm} length keeps the hand away from possible contact with hot surfaces.

                                                                    PRICE  $ 8.95

Ergonomic Kitchen Tools

The lightweight, angled handles of these stainless steel forks and spatula are
designed for those with reduced hand strength. Comfortable to grip and use, the polypropylene handles help provide balance to prevent strained joints and muscles. Dishwasher safe up to 125ºF {51ºC}. 

                AHA-SP3361                           PRICE   $ 29.65

                 AHA-SP3362                          PRICE   $ 29.65
                 4 -1 / 2'' Fork

                 AHASP3363                            PRICE   $ 29.65
                 6'' Fork


  Little Octopus Suction Holders

Soft rubber base with 30 suction cups on one side and 37 on the other. Provides a double-acting grip to anchor dishes,  glasses, bowls and many other items. 3" in
diameter {7.6 cm}, 3/8" thick {1 cm}. Assorted colors. 

(Sorry, no color choice.)

                                                                       PRICE  $ 6.95

Bilateral Glass Holder

This model is recommended for individuals with incoordination. Clamp adjusts to any glass size. Heavy-duty, steel-handled glass holder is plastic coated. (Glass not included.) Latex free.

                                                                          PRICE  $ 14.95

Round Scoop Dish

Molded low in front and high in back, this unbreakable, round scoop dish is especially useful. Nonskid, rubber-padded bottom provides control when using the scoop feature. Eight-inch diameter. Washes in top shelf of domestic dishwashers. Not recommended for microwave use. Rubber pad on bottom of dish contains no latex.

Chose of Yellow or Ivory.

                                                                        PRICE  $ 10.50

Plate with Inside Edge

The special inside edge keeps food from sliding off the plate to make self-feeding easier for children or adults. Plate is 9" {22.8 cm} in diameter with a 1" {2.5 cm} rim and a 1/2" {1.25 cm}  edge. Colored plate ideal for identifying individuals with dietary restrictions. Dishwasher safe up to 180°F {82ºC} and microwave safe. 

                AHA-SP1424         PRICE  $ 25.05
                Ceramic, Off-White

                                  AHA-SP1425  PRICE   $ 8.99
                                   Polypropylene, Off-White

                                                        AHA-SP1426     $ 8.95
                                                        Polypropylene, Blue

Grater with Suction Feet

Suction feet hold grater in place for the one-handed user. Comes with reversible plastic plate for fine or coarse grating. Bin holds grated food for easy usage and convenient cleanup.

                                                             PRICE  $17.99

ErgonomiqueTM Adaptive Cookware Set

Modern, ergonomically designed cookware is ideal for those with limited hand, wrist and forearm strength and range of motion. Easy-to-grip handles provide easier lifting than standard cookware and lids. Frying pan and pot have two handles for even weight distribution. Set includes six pieces: 2 qt. {1.9 litre} saucepan with lid, 2-1/2 qt. {2.3 litre} pot with lid and 8" {20.3 cm} frying pan with lid. Lightweight cookware weighs: saucepan with lid - 1.9 lbs {861 grams}; pot with lid - 2.18 lbs {988 grams}.; and frying pan with lid - 2.13 lbs {966 grams}. Cookware is made of stainless steel, handles are high-temperature plastic. Dish-washer safe up to 150ºF {65ºC}. 

               AHA-SP3210     $ 159.55
                6-Piece Set

                           AHA-SP3210-01     $ 53.75
                                   2 Qt. Saucepan w / Lid

                                               AHA-SP3210-02     $ 53.75
                                               2- 1 / 2 Qt. Pot w / Lid

                                                                      AHA-SP3210-03     $ 53.75
                                                                      8'' Frying Pan w / Lid

Kitchen Roll-About

Ideal for those with weakness in hands/fingers or painful wrists/forearms. Also for one-handed users who find lifting difficult. This handy, wheeled, wooden trivet assists in moving hot pans and dishes. Ball bearing wheels roll with a minimum of effort. Rubber stopper helps avoid accidental movement. Wood handle is 5" long {12.7 cm} and stays cool. Can be hung for convenient storage. Overall diameter: 8-1/2" {21.6 cm}. 

                                                                               PRICE $ 29.95

Kettle/Pot Tipper

The safer way to pour hot liquids or sauces. If you have problems making tea or pouring hot liquid, here's a great way to help prevent burns and spills. Now you can pour boiling water and control the tipping angle without carrying the weight of the pot or kettle with this multi-purpose kettle and teapot tipper. Non-slip feet ensure a good grip on the work surface. A Velcro® strap holds the kettle or pot safe on the tipper. All plastic construction is easy to clean.

                                                                      PRICE $ 31.95

Talking Food Scale

No more tiny dial to read! This scale actually calls out pounds, ounces or grams through a digitally controlled speaker. Scale has capacity of 11 lbs. (5 kg), a large LCD display, on/off switch, tape function, auto power-off function and AC jack. Requires four AA batteries (not included).

                                                                      PRICE  $ 93.95

Automatic Faucet Control

Installs quickly on any kitchen or bathroom faucet for easy water release and conservation. Eliminates the need to turn water off and on and requires only gentle pressure from the back of hand or a finger to operate. Perfect for those with a weak grasp. Includes sink faucet adaptor. Unit extends 2-3/4" {7 cm} from faucet.

                                                                       PRICE   $ 17.95


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