The Solution ComfortSeat ®
Portable Solution - Low cost portable personal hygiene assistive device.

Travel sized, the Portable Solution is packed with features. Fitting in the palm of your hand, you can experience exceptional cleaning wherever and whenever you need it. These have become popular with caregivers and nurses who care for patients, and have also become popular companions to other Solution ComfortSeat ® models.
• Travel-Sized - 11" Open, 5" Closed
• Bidet Wash Attachment
• Feminine Douching Attachment
• Nursing Spraying Attachment
• 1 Year Standard Warranty
• Travel Bag Included
• Easy One-Button Operation
• Handy Carrying Strap Included
• 1 'AA' Battery Included
• Low Price
Our Price: $139.95
S&H: $9.99 ($4 each additional) within 48 contiguous states

1 Year Extended Warranty
For Portable Solution - $29.00

(Extending Your Warranty Period To 2 Years)

Portable Bidet Sitz Bath Seat

Portable Bidet Sitz Bath Seat

Recommended for hemorrhoids and other perineal conditions. Provides wide, contoured edges for maximum comfort. Offers a convenient on/off flow control clip. Durable plastic. Fits most commodes and toilet seats.  

Portable Bidet Sitz Bath Seat


Portable Bidet Sitz Bath Seat

Hygenique™ Plus.

Hygenique™ Plus.

Wand can be used as hand-held bidet, secured in sitz pan for flow-through cleansing with drain open, or in a soaking whirlpool with drain closed. Eight-foot hose attaches to any single-spouted faucet. Overflow drains allow excess water to flow into toilet. Portable system includes 20 glycerin cleansing cartridges, control handle, spray wand, hose, faucet adapter kit and flow-through sitz bath. Latex free.

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Hygenique™ Plus


The Ultimate Solution ComfortSeat Ultimate Solution ComfortSeat® - Allows users to thoroughly clean and dry themselves without toilet paper or assistance, after a bowel movement.

This deluxe Personal Hygiene Assistive Device is medical-grade, and packed with many features which allow a user to care for themselves after going to the bathroom without assistance. For all of the people with physical challenges which make it difficult or impossible for them to wipe themselves, the Ultimate Solution ComfortSeat® restores independence and dignity by eliminating the need for help from a caregiver. It replaces your existing toilet seat. The adjustable sweeping wash motion and aerated spray provide excellent cleaning at the touch of a button, for people with limited mobility. Afterwards, another button-press activates an adjustable temperature air dryer.
• Adjustable Position Front & Rear Wash
• Adjustable Water Temperature & Pressure
• Sweeping Wash Motion - Wider Cleaning Area
• Adjustable Heated Soft-Closing Seat
• Self-Cleaning Wash Nozzle
• User Sensor - No Accidental Spraying
16 Month Standard Warranty
• Adjustable Warm Air Dryer
• Antibacterial Plastic Construction
• Easy To Install & Operate
• Sealed Electronics With Self-Diagnosis
• Automatic Energy-Saver Mode
• Built-in Water Filter
• UL Approved
Ultimate Solution ComfortSeat® Price: $1155.95
S&H: $28.00 ($14 each additional) within 48 contiguous states

2 Year Extended Warranty
For Ultimate - $95.00
(Extending Your Warranty Period To 3 Years, 4 Months)
The Solution ComfortSeat ® Personal Hygiene Assistive Product Line
The state-of-the-art in bathroom personal hygiene accessories, a Solution ComfortSeat ® Personal Hygiene Assistive Device is the ultimate in clean and comfort in your bathroom at prices for any budget. From our Deluxe ComfortSeat Models, to our Affordable ComfortSeat Models and our popular Portable Solution, all feature top-quality design and are backed by the Great Ideas Inc. Satisfaction Guarantee and exceptional Warranties.

The Solution ComfortSeat ® Personal Hygiene Assistive Product Line is your solution!
Provides instant hemorrhoid relief - Helps prevent future hemorrhoids - Provides constipation relief - Featuring No Wipe ComfortSeats™ - No more need to twist and reach to get clean, a lifesaver for people with arthritis - back pain - seniors - sports injuries - and other physical challenges that otherwise prevent you from toileting yourself - Helps reduce nursing costs for care providers - Reduces or eliminated the need for toilet paper - Saves trees - Great for septic tanks - Good for people who are allergic to dioxins perfumes and dyes in toilet paper - All natural water washing - The Solution ComfortSeat line has units that feature heated seats - Hydraulic soft closing seats and lids - Adjustable heated bidet spray - Adjustable water pressure - Adjustable aiming and massaging bidet nozzle - Antibacterial / antimicrobial plastics - Front & rear wash - Internal feminine care douching nozzle - Portable model battery operated with extra attachments and travel bag - Adjustable warm air dryer - UL ISO9000 & GS / TUV Registered - Safety features - Extended Warranties - Highest quality engineering of any bidet on the market - Easy to install - No plumbing experience necessary - Energy saver mode helps save electricity - Improve health through good hygiene - Assistive Product - The ultimate bathroom accessory for personal hygiene - Allows elderly and handicapped to care for themselves - Better than a bidet - Prevents slipping and falling in the bathroom when someone can't wipe themselves - Prevents urinary tract infections UTI and other infections due to improper bathroom hygiene - Helps caretakers avoid contact with fecal matter and prevents infections due to improper anal hygiene - Works as an enema colon Lavage - Prevents or eliminates the irritation from toilet paper - The ultimate bathroom accessory provides clean and comfort in the most used room in the home - Excellent for children and users of all ages - Good for the following: blindness and vision impairment - amputees - the blind - Bidet can be outfitted with Braille - The Bariatric Seat can support 700lbs for the morbidly obese - Bidet seats are becoming more popular than personal computers in Japan - Bidets seats are popular in many nations that value personal hygine - Personal Hygiene Assistive Devices allow users to clean themselves after a bowel movement without assistance

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