Beach Cruzr beach access wheelchair

"I designed The Beach Cruzr for all of us, taking independence and ability just one step further."
    - Hank Weseman, Jr.

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Beach Cruzr beach access wheelchair
  • For rocky and rough terrain
  • Camping and hiking with your family and friends
  • Gain a renewed sense of freedom

The Beachcomber !



Available now! the exciting new Roleez Platform Dolly.

Beach-access utilizing your existing wheelchair. With fold-down ramps that allow you to to drive a wheelchair directly up onto the platform.




  • 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Fits Any Wheelchair Or Stroller
  • Easily Bolts On In Minutes
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Easy To Travel With
  • Assemble With 1 Wrench
The Econo Kit is the least expensive and easiest way to convert your wheelchair or stroller into an all terrain explorer. Kit consists of four wheels, either 30cm, 42cm, or 49cm, 2- pre drilled anodized axles, SS u-bolts, and wheel clips. Easy to mount: Its easy, just pop off rear wheels, slide axle tubes across frame and bolt on. Slide on balloon wheels and pin. No need to worry about front caster wheels. They ride above the terrain.


Hotshot Products Econo Kit Photo


Now both of you can enjoy the ride.
2000 Model -- Call us for details!

It's great on the sand ... ... or on the Strand!
Beach Cruzr(TM) 2-Seater
Beach Cruzr(TM) 2-Seater


Now you can head to the beach, park,
campground or where ever there is uneven terrain.

  • Fits Quickie, Panda, Tumbleform, and More
  • Straps securely to frame in seconds!

Great new possibilities await you and your family!
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Stroller All Terrain System,
View the Standmaster 2000

Step up to Standmaster 2000 with one-of-a-kind design
to get you back on your feet!

The only one of it's kind on the market.
Standmaster 2000 enables you to converse eye to eye
Standmaster 2000 is easy to assemble without tools.

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