1. The National Bank of the Redwood debited my business account, Universal Consultants, six times on December 9th for over $900 dollars. They also debited my account and on December 23rd for $500 dollars. I told my bank, Liberty Bank for savings, to stop payment because I did not authorize these transactions. Liberty Bank refused to trace the transactions. They told me to close my account and open a new one, which would cost me about $55 dollars because I would have to order new checks.  


2. I called the office of the Comptroller on December 27th and they told me what city the bank of the Redwood was in.


3. I called the bank of Redwood on December 27th and I talked to Sandy Pariani. She was able to confirm that the bank credit card services were the one who debited my account. She told me that it was initiated through bank card USA.


4. I called bank card USA and they informed me that these charges were from my merchant account that I had with them from my web store last summer. During the month of August my web store, Olmstead Products, received two orders over $1000 dollars. Bank card USA processed 1 order and I was able to fill that order. The other order Bank Card USA refused to process. The reason they gave was that I could only process a certain amount of orders every month, and I went over my limit.


5. Bank Card USA withheld over $1000 dollars of my customer’s money for over 6 months. This was done because I signed a contract with Bank Card USA that limited my orders that I was able to process. I had no idea that this clause was in the contract. I told them that my business was starting to grow and I did not feel that they should limit the amount of orders that I was receiving. I explained that they were upsetting my customers which were upsetting my business. I even talked to the president of Bank Card USA, but he offered no help.


6. I asked Bank Card USA why they debited my account seven times without my knowledge. They told me that some of my customers returned several items. However I told Vina Corbo that they were the ones that refused to process my order and therefore the customers canceled the order and Bank Card USA was holding their money. Ms. Corbo tried to tell me that several orders were returned but I don’t have any confirmation of this statement from my customers.


7. I called bank of the Redwood and talked to Rochelle and she put me in contact with Marcie. I asked Marcie if she would stop debiting my account because I refused to pay bank card USA the amount that they were asking. Besides they were debiting my account for over $1000 dollars, which was more than they said I owe. I also explained that bank card USA was debiting my account for over $250 dollars six times.


8. Marcie informed me that should would call Bank Card USA and call me back. As of now she never called back.


9. Liberty Bank for Savings refused to trace my debit as the office of the comptroller suggested.


10. Because of Bank Card USA closing my account in August, I lost my clientele at the beginning of my business’s growth which I estimated that I lost more than $20,000 dollars in sales because of what Bank Card USA has done. Bank Card USA is still debiting my account and this is harming my business.